Why Some People Are Against the Use of Green Thai Kratom

Most people need some kind of stimulant to get them through the day. Some opt for caffeine through tea or coffee whereas go for the energy drinks. Others need exercise to boost their energy levels as some choose pain pills. Green Thai Kratom is an herbal remedy that outshines all the other energy-enhancing methods. Its tremendous herbal properties include pain relief, increased energy, and mood enhancement. However, some individuals do not encourage its use due to its side effects that arise because of various reasons. These negative effects include:

Allergic Reactions

Some users may develop different forms of allergy when using this strain due to sensitivity to various elements. This condition may be worse if someone uses it more than usual. The effects may include skin allergies and respiratory allergies.

Feeling Irritated

This supplement is a good stress reliever. Nevertheless, some people have reported of a feeling of increased agitation and irritation. It can also seem like a kind of irritation at the feet, hands, head, or stomach in more regular occurrences.

Stomach Problems

One of the most popular negative effect when using kratom could be numerous abnormalities in the digestion system of the user. The abnormality can be in the form of indigestion, gastritis, or diarrhea. This condition stirs up discomfort and discourages people from its use.

Nose Problems

A few users of Green vein strain have complained of having runny nose or even dry nose because of extreme usage. Those who ended its consumption abruptly also reported of having the same troubles. For one to avoid this effect, taking the right dosage shout is a priority.

Weight Problems

Some individuals may experience extreme weight gain or even sudden weight loss when they use this strain abnormally or in conjunction with other benefits. Nevertheless, this side effect may in turn prove beneficial to others depending on their preferences.


Vomiting is one of the most reported negative effect of Green Thai. The cause might be one’s tolerance or physical chemistry that reacts differently to kratom. Researching to find the best chemicals that combine well with kratom may do much in reducing such effects.


Consumption of Green Thai Kratom is generally safe, granted the users maintain habits that are more responsible and controlled intake. However, side effects can still arise when someone becomes very abusive of its natural healing property. Several users complain of feeling severe effects after taking in excess of the recommended, sudden withdrawal and whenever mixed with other medicines during consumption. While its positive effects greatly outweigh the negative, people need to realize that it necessary to take it sparingly because overdosing of the herb can be very dangerous especially for the first time users.