White Vein Kratom Effects, Dosage and Side Effects

White vein Kratom stands out over its counterparts. It has unique effects that make you feel energetic which makes it mostly used in the morning or when you feel drained. Despite the energetic effects the strain has doesn’t do well with reducing pain or analgesic results as compared to the red and green vein strains. This makes it not preferable for every Kratom user. For starters, this is a unique strain which you should not overlook over the other strains.


As stated earlier this strain has unique effects. The most common effects are energy stimulation, boosted cognition, endurance, and depression. Some users say that it increases focus and attention to details and the ability to think clearly to get at a solution. Some users say it achieved a feeling of euphoria and that they had a more prominent motivation and drive after using the strain.

The uniqueness of this strain is caused by the concentration of alkaloid level in the plant. The White Vein strain has more mitragynine and lesser 7-hydroxymitragynine when compared with red vein strains. This brings about the energetic results and reduced painkilling.

Dosage Instructions of WHITE VEIN KRATOM

The right dosage for the strain depends on your intent. The effects also vary from one individual to another since results depend on your body weight, tolerance, and other physical factors. The strain can be used in three different levels depending on how you prefer. For starters, 2 grams of the grounded strain is enough for use. For average users, 4 grams is recommended. While experts can use up to 10 grams so as to feel the effects.


Studies haven’t been done to show most of the negative effect that can be caused by using this strain. Other than the positive effects mentioned earlier sleeping problems have been reported by some users who have used the strain. Apart from the fact that White Vein Kratom doesn’t offer relief to pain which other strains do, it is a good strain to try.

Different strains of the WHITE VEIN KRATOM

Due to the limited use of White Vein Kratom, no much study has been done to show the different stains available. Before buying the strain, you have to consider which one is stronger than the others. The most efficient strains are; White Maeng Da Kratom, White Vein Borneo Kratom, and White Sumatra Kratom.

White Maeng Da Kratom

As read on wekratom.com, This strain contains concentrated levels of alkaloids and flavonoids than its counterparts. This makes it have a more energizing effect than the other strains. It is mostly found in the Southeast Asian nations from the Mitragyna speciose plant. It has a pleasant smell and dark leaves.

White Vein Borneo

This strain has more sedative effects that make it unique. Most users say that it has energizing and analgesic effects. It’s very efficient in painkilling and reducing anxiety. It is almost similar to Indo and they have the same properties. However, effects can vary because both strains are different


White Vein Thai

This is a very common Kratom strain with not only energetic effects but also can enhance sedation and reduce fatigue. It also doesn’t cause relief to pain. This strain is similar to that despite having an analgesic effect.