External Hard Drives; Electronic Suitcases

External hard drives have become an essential part of our daily storage needs. Almost everyone these days has a backup system to protect their files through external hard drives. If you don’t already know and are having a low memory problem then, an External hard drive is what you need. It is a hard drive that is not already attached to your computer and is used when the internal memory of your electronic device is full, or you need to backup your storage for protection purposes.

1. Reasons you need to be using an External hard drive

We have become very dependent on our technology devices as we perform more than half of our daily tasks through the use of these devices and we need to have a medium to store all these tasks and pictures of ours. That’s when these external hard drives (https://latestcomputergadgets.com/best-external-hard-drives-for-mac-users/) come in to take some load off the internal memory. Another very important reason is to have a backup system that entirely holds all your primary data in a portable hard drive so that you may never lose your data even when your system fails you.

2. Features of External Hard drives and types

Portable hard drives are incorporated with loads of memory storage spaces that come in different sizes. They comprise of varying memory capacities ranging from anywhere between 64GB to 5TB. When we picture copying and pasting files from our computer to external devices we imagine hours of transferring, but that’s not the case these days as manufacturers have come up with fast speed USB cables that transfer data very quickly and efficiently, while other external drives are wireless and draw their power from AC wall connection inside them.

There are different kinds of USB cables with varying capacities which are:

  • USB 1.1 with 12 Mbps speed
  • USB 2.0 with 480 Mbps speed
  • USB 3.0 with 5Gbps speed
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 with 10 Gbps speed
  • And the fastest is Thunderbolt 3 with 40 Gbps speed

Portable hard drives come in various types which include:

  • Solid State Drive
  • USB drive or flash drive
  • Optical drive (CD OR DVD)

3. Differences between internal and external hard drives

Internal hard drives are directly connected to the motherboard while external hard drives are connected on the outside of the computer. While Internal drives only contain a certain amount of storage capacity, external drives have many options of storage capacities. External hard drives are portable and easy to carry around whereas internal hard drives cannot be carried around that easily.

4. How to buy an external hard drive that can hold your storage

Calculate the space that your files occupy on your computer and find out how much storage space you need. For storing low memory files like pictures or music, buy a USB drive or a small memory hard drive, but when looking for storing large amounts of data or as a backup for all of your computer’s data opt to find high storage space external hard drives with probably up to 1-2 TB memory.

Top secrets for purchasing the right gaming mouse

Do you like playing games on your computer or laptop? What kind of gaming mouse do you use and are you happy with it? To enjoy your computer games, you need to use the right gaming mouse. Many desktop games offer the alternative of using the keyboard to play, but using a mouse takes the gaming experience to the next level. Choosing the right gaming mouse can be a challenge due to the many brands available on the market with every company claiming to offer the best gaming mice. However, that should not make you worry any more, customers have different taste and preferences when choosing any product. The product that you think is the best for you, someone else might have a different opinion.

How Then Do You Choose the Right Gaming Mouse?

Almost all gaming mice manufacturers invest heavily in ensuring that their products provide the comfort every player needs. However, the main secret to getting the right gaming mice is to get it from a reputable manufacturer. Various brands have a good name in providing high-quality gaming mice. Take time and do your research before going to the market to purchase a gaming mouse. Read various product reviews available on the internet and customer reviews on different online shopping stores. A happy customer will never hide the joy after getting the right product and will not shy away from expressing the disappointments too. Other important factors to consider when selecting the right gaming mouse are as follows;

1. Gaming Mouse Grip

Everybody holds a gaming mouse a little bit differently. Many terms are used to describe how one holds a mouse in the gaming industry. However, there are two common words used when it comes to describing the comfort a player needs when gaming are palm and claw. How you like holding your gaming mouse either with your fingertips or the whole hand grip should guide you when selecting the right mouse. Gaming mice come in various sizes and designs, visit your nearest store and evaluate all the mice brand and go for the one that will provide you with the efficiency and comfort you desire.

2. Gaming Mouse Weight

The weight of gaming mice is also an important factor when selecting the best gaming mouse. Some players like the light mice and others the heavy ones. Which one are you comfortable with? Different manufacturers have tried to accommodate the preferences of various customers by providing both heavy and light gaming mice.

3. Gaming Mouse Cords

Gaming mice are either wireless or corded. Many gamers like using the corded mouse since they don’t use batteries after realizing that the wireless mice batteries are not reliable. However, modern wireless gaming mice have a new technology that enables them to use the cells for a very long time. Go for the mouse that will allow you to enjoy gaming comfortably.

4. Cost of Gaming Mouse

How much are you willing to spend on purchasing your favorite gaming mouse. There are many high-quality gaming mice available on the market that sale at pocket-friendly prices. Don’t base your product judgment on the pricing but make sure you get the right mouse at a reasonable price.

Remember, there is nothing like the best gaming mouse. What serves you better and gives you the comfort you need while playing is the right mice for you.

Beauty Apps You Must Have

In this age of technology, you are never more than a click far from the world.

Are you looking for a makeup artist? Don’t go anywhere; just use our fingers to search out the best on your smart phone from the comfort of your couch. Within minutes you will get the tips that will turn you into a full-blown fashion icon, chic and glamazon.

Technology is finally using its powers for good through developing apps. If you are fashion lover you cannot deny the importance beauty apps that make making a beauty scheduled time a simple deal.

Explore a directory of the best beauty apps and live in style.

You will find everything like skin analysis, makeup must haves, beauty tips and current hair conditions.


Explore the latest beauty trends, expert’s advice, useful tips, basics of makeup and much more. You can shop for products all which a click. See the professional’s tutorials, reviews and analysis.  Get the inspiration and try looks at-home. You can shop on the go. If you see anything you adore, you can just order it in app. That’s great!

Glam Squad:

Want a makeover? Try on-demand beauty service and get a trained and skilled expert who offer the service at your requested place so you don’t need to step foot in a salon.

You can make advance booking from three hours notice to three month. Are you nervous on your big day? Here are some amazing wedding options to make special day more special.

Services are available in New York City, Los Angeles, Jersey City, Orange County, Hoboken, Washington D.C. Metro and South Florida.

Nordstrom Apps & Clearance:

Now Nordstrom rack is available any place and time, just install the app on your iPhone and iPad. Discover new clearance, markdowns and get instant access to all pocket-friendly deals and promotions.

Get the latest in fashion and gifts and order from the comfort of your home. You can shop wherever you want plus, get free shipping.

Indulge Nail App:

Now you can find your favorite manicure color. Install the app today and search the nail color you saw on beauty salon right from your home.

You will find out all the details about the product. You can save the details in your device. Moreover, you can share your favorite color and shades worked best for you with your contacts.

Keep a record of your choices and upload your new manicure.


Download the app and get the beauty, makeup and hair did at home. It is a real treat while you are on-the-go and want a slight shove from a skilled expert. It is a best option to help you out for bridal or evening parties. The app is currently available in the Hamptons, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Silicon Valley.

All social beauty app provide you a platform to share and find out hottest trends, useful tips, good tutorials and more. Visit a store on the go and shop directly with your new app.