All About Modafinil Smart Drug

Modafinil is also referred to as nootropic. It is a drug that enhances an individual’s cognitive function in various ways. Currently, there are different smart drugs, but for modafinil, it has its own class.

There are various advantages that are behind the modafinil drug. First, this drug is not addictive and it is a drug that helps people kick out addiction. The other advantage behind modafinil is that it is a non-stimulant drug. It acts like stimulants but plays the role as a wakefulness agent. Through research, this drug is known to work well. It gives the user superhuman processing mentality. Lastly, as a user of modafinil, don’t expect severe side effects. It is a safe drug and approved by FDA for use.

Where To Buy Modafinil Drug

In the world, modafinil drug is sold by two companies that are based in India. Sun Pharmaceuticals and HAB pharmaceuticals are the companies behind the manufacture of these tablets. The difference in the companies is that Sun is older and the only licensed company to sell its drugs in the United State market by FDA. These are due to their good track records, and demand makes their tablets more expensive than the rival company.

Modafinil Drug Flavors And Branding

If you check of the forms that these drugs are sold, you will realize that they are two.

One form is modafinil while the other form is armodafinil. The two forms offer similar effects. The difference between them is the chemical component. The pure form is modafinil and when mixed 50/50, it forms armodafinil.

When you want to try for the first time, use modafinil despite both having the same effect.

Consumers Possible Side Effects.

As a consumer, if you take modafinil drug and then experience the following side effects, visit a medical doctor for emergency help.

i.Swelling on throat, face, tongue, lips or eyes

ii.Jaundice or dark urine

iii.Swelling of legs

iv.Fever or short breath

v.Mouth sores with swallowing troubles

vi.Skin peeling, blisters or rashes

Effects of Abuse

When an individual uses modafinil, the drug produces euphoric and psychoactive effects. The effects result in typical feelings, thinking, perceptions and mood alterations.

When studies were conducted, they showed that modafinil binds to user’s dopamine site and results in extracellular dopamine increase but dopamine release doesn’t increase.

if the drug is abused, it will produce euphoric and psychoactive effects and feelings in a consistent way in combination with scheduled CNS stimulants.


You are not allowed to purchase these drug without doctor’s prescription over the counter. But online is the way. So don’t feel scared. When you find a vendor but doesn’t ship the drug into your country, you have an option of choosing another until you get the one that will suit you.